Virtual Jail Tour

The first floor houses the:

  • Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) room (blood alcohol machine used for a driving under influence ( DUI) offenses)
  • Booking area
  • A female work release unit
  • Intake unit
  • Jail kitchen
  • A maximum security unit
  • Medical room
  • Visiting rooms

The second floor houses the:

  • Laundry room
  • Library
  • Main maximum security unit
  • A male work release
  • Outdoor court
  • Special holding cells
  • Staff office
  • Storage

This tour will take you through what you might see if you were arrested for a DUI. Remember Don’t Drink and Drive, you will never have to see any of these rooms in real life.

Booking In

You arrive into the Auto Sally port. Where the patrol car is locked in, and so are you. Be on the look out for a cougar (JPG) which was painted on the wall by a former inmate. You will be taken from the back seat of the patrol car into the booking area (JPG), where a Corrections Officer will greet you. Usually by taking all your personal items like your wallet, belt, jewelry, money, etc. You will be searched to check for contraband.

The Arresting Officer will then lead you into the BAC room (JPG). You will be processed by the arresting officer, and then returned to the custody of the Corrections Officer. You will be held in a holding cell (JPG) in the booking area until the arresting officer gives us a "Probable Cause Booking Sheet" (PC Booking Sheet).


Once a PC Booking Sheet is complete, a Corrections Officer will book you into the jail. This involves asking you several questions about you. Then taking your fingerprints, either on the state-of-the-art "Live Scan (JPG)" or the old fashioned ink system (JPG). Following that, you will have your photograph taken. This concludes the end of the booking process.

Cells & Dayroom

You will be housed in one of the "Units (JPG)" From 10 pm to 6 am you are locked into a cell (JPG), either by yourself (JPG), or with a cellmate (JPG), depending on how busy it is. After 6 am each day you are allowed to spend your time in the Dayroom (JPG). There is a table with chairs, a TV set, a telephone, a kiosk, and a shower. Sometimes you can find a book or magazine to read.


On Sunday, Tuesday, or Thursday from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm visitors can come to see you. You will be taken from the Intake unit to a visiting booth (JPG). The stools are not very comfortable, and you are forced to talk on a phone. There is a large, thick piece of glass which separates you and your loved ones.

Medical Room

During your stay, should you feel sick, you can request to see the jail doctor. The doctor comes in once a week for "Sick Call". This is the time he deals with all non-emergency problems. You will be taken to the med room (JPG) where you will have a one on one consultation with the jail doctor.


You can request a trip to the jail library (JPG) where you can pick up a few books to read, or spend some time on the kiosk.

Once you are released from custody, a Corrections Officer will process you out of jail. You will receive all your personal belongings and you will be let out the side door of the jail. As always, it is customary for you to say "You will never see me back here again." as you exit the jail.

Hope to Not See You Again Soon!

Thank you for touring the Whitman County Jail. We hope to never see you.