Bailing & Bonding

Bonds and Bails are the way courts ensure arrestees come to court and deal with the charges at hand. If the Judge sets a bond or a bail on someone, you have the right to bond or bail him out of jail. It has become common practice that judges place a bail amount along with a cash amount for bailing purposes. This is usually an either/or situation. You can choose to use a bondsman and pay the bail OR as an alternative you can pay the cash amount.

How to Post Bond / Bail

Bonding or bailing an inmate out of jail is fairly easy to do. You can view the bail amount on the Inmate Listing website or you can call the jail at 509-397-5585 and ask the Officer what the bond or bail total is on the person you are trying to bond or bail out. If an Officer tells you the charge is "Cash Bail Only", that means you can not use a bondsman.

If you decide to bail someone out of jail, you need to come to the Jail and present the necessary amount of cash of the bail. There is no such thing as 10%! When you bail someone out, you will pay the full amount.

Accepted Forms of Payment

We do not accept personal checks. We only accept cash or certified checks. The use of a check will delay the release until we are able to confirm with the bank the check is valid. 

Bail may be paid remotely using the Inmate Canteen website. It must be cash or certified check. We can take debit and credit cards on Whitman County District Court charges only.

Using a Bondsman

If you decide to bond someone out of jail, you need to contact a bondsman. You can find a list of bondsmen look in the phone book or on the Internet.

A bondsman will require a payment for his services. The service charge is usually around 10% to 15%. The bondsman will need to know the charges and bond amounts for the person you are bonding out of jail.