Tax Title Property

Parcels not sold at the foreclosure sale are deeded to the County and become tax title property. They may be purchased from the County through a different process, however, they are subject to the same risks as tax foreclosure parcels.

Tax title properties may be purchased at public auction or by private sale. Tax title property valued under $500 and not considered buildable may be sold to an adjoining landowner without holding a public auction. All other tax title property must be sold at public auction.

Purchasing Tax Title Property

To start the process, an application (available at the Treasurer’s Office) to purchase tax title property, along with a $25 deposit, is submitted to the Treasurer. The application is then presented to the Board of County Commissioners. The Commissioners decided if it is in the counties best interest to sell the property or retain the property. The Public Works Department is usually consulted in this process. 

If the application is rejected, the $25 deposit is refundable. If approved, the Treasurer schedules a public auction and the applicant is notified of the date, time and location. According to state law, the auction must be advertised in the local newspaper for three consecutive weeks.

Successful Bidder

If the applicant is the successful bidder, the $25 deposit is applied to the purchase amount of the parcel. The deposit is refunded to the applicant if they are not the successful bidder. The applicant must attend the sale and guarantee the minimum bid or the deposit is non-refundable.