NOTICE:    The Treasurer's Office is relocated back to the Courthouse at 400 N Main, Colfax. 


The Whitman County Treasurer acts as the banker/cash manager for the County and its Special Purpose Taxing Districts. The Treasurer’s Office is responsible for developing the best policies and procedures to maximize the return and minimize the risk of the citizen’s public funds. We are in place to do the receipting, cash accounting, and reporting of those funds. We are charged with billing, collecting, and distributing property tax revenue. We disburse revenues coming into the County from sources such as sales tax, grants, state school funds, and many others. Millions of dollars a year pass through the Treasurer’s Department.

Departmental Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Treasurer’s Office includes:

  • Bonds and Loans
  • Cash Accounting
  • Cash Management
  • Investments
  • Property Foreclosure/Distraint
  • Property Tax Collection
  • Real Estate Excise Tax
  • Receipting
  • Taxing District Reports

Properties & Other Treasurer Documents